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COVID-19, how we adapt and respond to the contingency.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts the lives of many people globally on a daily basis. As the crisis continues to evolve. our ways of working and thinking also change. At TRB México we are working hard to keep our activities as "normal" as possible.
As a pharmaceutical company, our main objective is to safeguard and protect health. Therefore, our main concern during this pandemic is the protection of patients, doctors, pharmacists and all of our employees. We are recommending and prioritizing, whenever possible, working from home until the situation is safe enough to allow everyone to work safely again.
TRB México and our employees remain committed to keeping our services and products available to our patients, partners and clients, and we will continue to do so when the situation returns to normal.
We would like to thank all the doctors, the nursing team, the cleaning team, the technical team and all the hospital workers who are currently working in an exceptional way.